China Calling

So the adventure begins and I’m not sure whether I’m seeing stars or ships. Are we closer to the oceans or the galaxies?


Passing time in Wuxi airport. WUX wins cutest airport code of all time.

Everyone I’ve met so far has been more polite than I was expecting. Already China stereotypes have been broken, though whether this friendliness is exclusive to Wuxi, or airports, is yet to be seen.

I just paid $15 for coffee, which is half as much as I paid for excess baggage. She said it was blue mountain coffee, but I have my doubts.

It’s about ten degrees Celsius and everyone is quite padded up; I’m glad my obvious foreignness does not extend to the chill.


My first view of China

I wouldn’t say no to Facebook, but for now I’m glad that the option to share is unavailable to me. Like a secret.

There is an internet place full of Internet Explorer logos. This amuses me much.


My flight for Beijing leaves in half an hour, and the fact that I’m moving to a country I’ve never been to kicks in. I don’t have any idea what to expect. It was a subconscious effort to not Google too much; I want it to be a surprise.

It’s time to board, and we shall soon find out.

How strange it is to be anything at all!



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