Kitteh Overdose: Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa

As a self-declared future Crazy Cat Lady, I’ve been itchy & Scratchying to head to Singapore’s first Cat Cafe since it opened in November last year (2013).

Kitty artwork all the way up the stairs!

Kitty artwork all the way up the stairs!

It’s the best concept – a cafe where you can chill and have a drink, surrounded by cats. Obviously it all started in Japan, the land of crazy ideas that actually work.

Here's a cat to keep you going.

Here’s a cat to keep you going.

$12 an hour and $5 for a subsequent half hour and you’re in Kitty Heaven. Except for a few frisky ones, the cats are largely unimpressed by us groveling humans fawning over them. This takes the concept of Spoilt Rotten Cats to a whole new level – they have people giving them head scratches, belly rubs, grooming and cuddles ALL. DAY. LONG.

These kitties don’t run to the door to greet you. They luxuriously lie there and magnanimously allow your grubby hands to worship their soft and silky selves.

The Fluffiest Fluff of Fluff.

The Fluffiest Fluff of Fluff.

What’s good is that it’s extremely therapeutic to be in the presence of that many cats. It’s also the perfect place to sit and get some work done, which I fully intend to do since the cafe is a short walk away from the office.

If you want to write a novel/poem/whatever and don’t have a cat, here’s your spot.   As Barbara Holland said, “it would be easier to write with a herd of buffalo in the room than even one cat”.  An entire room of cats, therefore, is a writerly must.

Carrot Cat Strikes Again

Carrot Cat Strikes Again

As anyone who has/has had/has met/has encountered any cat whatsoever in the briefest of moments will know, they take their time to do as they please. Neko No Niwa is a very catly reminder that the world doesn’t revolve around you, you can’t always have it your way, and sometimes you need to just slow down and smell the kitties (they do smell really nice there).

Kitty Kisses.

Kitty Kisses.

If you play gently, you can even sort of style the cats, like hipster  cat over here, also known as Little Miss Muffet. This style was inspired by Hamilton the Hipster Cat.

Le Ironic Moustache for Cats

If you have your own cats, you might feel like you’ve been frolicking about town with a whole clowder of cats while your own beloved/s wait patiently at home. This will happen, and no one can help you there. Feel the guilt. You deserve it, as your cats will sniffingly and suspiciously tell you.

woah wait what

woah wait what

Check out Neko No Niwa’s Facebook and Website. Definitely worth a visit – it will do good things for your cold and bitter soul.



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